October 2nd 1998


Gregory gets off of the school bus and begins his usual walk home.

Upon entering his home someone attacks him with a sharp object in the foyer.

3:09 pm

A 14-year-old girl Erynn Jeffrey calls to talk with Gregory.

An unidentified person answers the downstairs phone, but hangs up almost immediately without saying anything.

She waits a few minutes and calls back. Zachary Witman answers the upstairs phone and states that Gregory is not home yet.

3:15 pm

Zachary Witman answers the upstairs phone and states that Gregory is not home yet.

 This is the approximate time of Gregory’s death. NOTE: there was no blood found on the stairs or on the upstairs phone, which Erryn testified was the phone Zachary picked up on.


3:17 pm

Zachary calls 911 to report finding his brother. Minutes later, 911 dispatches police and ambulance crew to the scene.

Zachary hysterically asks the dispatcher for help.

“My brother … I don’t know. I guess he’s dead,” Zachary cried. “... You’ve got to help me!”

The dispatcher struggles to keep Zachary on the line. The teen repeatedly asks to call his mother.

Zachary tells the dispatcher he was sick home from school and upon hearing a noise came down stairs to discover his brother’s lifeless body.

The dispatcher aggressively instructs Zachary to move his brother’s body multiple times before Zach complies, so"he could help him". 

Zachary was told to lay his brother flat on the floor, in which upon doing so Zach states that his brothers head almost came off.

“His throat is open,” Zachary said. “... I can see his throat!”


3:25 pm

Ambulance arrives on the scene. Zachary is in the garage on a portable telephone still talking with 911.

Police testified that blood was observed on his hands, sweatshirt, and telephone.

Zach was believed to be in shock, telling everyone that he needed to call his mother.

He was then interviewed by law enforcement.

At this time multiple people began to enter into the, yet to be secured, crime scene.


3:40-4:00 pm

An EMT wipes Zach's hands with a towel, which would later be used for evidence.

Greg is pronounced dead by the Medic on site.

Zachary is taken to the hospital for observation, where he was later diagnosed with "acute grief"

Police continue to question Zachary at the hospital.